Introduction of a digital learning offer for ProContent – Academy for Journalism, PR and Communication

What have we implemented?
✓ Creation of a digital, scalable business model
✓ Time and location-independent learning made possible
✓ Independent pricing structure and product strategy introduced
✓ Flexible Learn Management System Open EdX Implemented
✓ Ongoing technical support by Polarstern Education started

ProContent introduces itself

ProContent, formerly Medienakademie Ruhr, in Essen, is a training and further education institution for volunteers, editors, freelance journalists, executives and employees from the press and public relations. The academy prepares its customers for practical work through cross-media focal points and an extensive seminar and workshop program in the areas of print, online, social media, radio, TV and web video, presentation training, agile project management and executives.

The challenge

In addition to the existing offerings, ProContent was looking for a way to expand its services with its digital learning offerings, such as online courses for journalists and startups. A new learning platform should be implemented cost-efficiently and rapidly. Important criteria here were the independent administration and user-friendly use of the platform by the employees of the academy, without having to set up an additional team. The employees should be able to edit courses independently and manage the different user groups.

ProContent found in us, Polarstern Education, a reliable service partner for the implementation and ongoing technical support of the learning platform.

Our Approach

Through joint workshops, we were able to identify suitable video formats, task types and special challenges in the creation of online courses for the Academy at a very early stage, thus identifying the most suitable user-specific features. In order to get a holistic impression of the overall product, we held individual discussions with end users and jointly evaluated our results. The academy was particularly impressed by our presentation of the Learn Management System Open edX due to its wide range of features and the possibility of using this system to bring the planned offer onto the market cost-efficiently and rapidly. Right from the start, it was based on an agile share price development.

We fully implemented Open edX for the Academy and ensured a smooth course creation process in Open edX Studio and course management on the learning platform. Since we were responsible for the content and technical aspects of the first course, we were able to point out exactly what needs to be taken into account when creating the course and had the target group, content and technology in our focus throughout. After the successful start of the cooperation, we continued to be available as the contact person for all queries and usage requirements for the Academy.

Our solution

Polarstern Education has developed an additional digital, scalable and new business model with and for ProContent. The academy can now offer its services at any time and from any location and can therefore allow its customers to call up expert knowledge from home or on the road at any time. The advantage for the academy is that the course data can be used to filter out which content is particularly in demand. Thus the course offers can be set very purposefully and market-oriented.

With its online academy and a broad spectrum of possible uses, ProContent has achieved a strong unique selling point on the market. The price structure and product strategy can be determined independently by the Open edX system set up especially for the academy. Here the profile as an innovative provider is further sharpened. With Polarstern Education, the academy has found a reliable partner who continuously supports its customers in all technical matters and is always available to answer their questions.

That’s what ProContent says about us:

„Together with Polarstern Education, we have set up our eLearning platform. From installation to hosting to technical support, Polarstern Education is a reliable partner for us“. – Karolina Warkentin, Editor and Education Manager, ProContent

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