Polarstern Education: Review of the year 2019

After our foundation at the end of 2017, we have now been on the market for over two years as an agency with the claim of offering all services for timely education formats from a single source. Our clear goal is to become Germany’s best team for the creation of digital educational formats. Let us take a look back at the year 2019.

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Numbers and growth:
In 2019 our team consists of 9 employees who have successfully participated in 6 different customer projects. From the creation of new formats to the support of existing courses, we can record 82,000 users. By mid-December we can already report a triple-digit growth in sales compared to the previous year.

Focus issues:
Our focus has remained constant on the key topics of process optimization, data analysis and open source technology.

In order to offer a successful process for the creation of online courses, we have linked the technical and media development steps even more closely, so that the necessary stages of development can be better coordinated and parallelized. Thus we can guarantee a conversion of extensive contents to online offers in less than 90 days.

We rely on data-based and iterative price development, as a digital product is subject to constant development. This type of course development is particularly successful with large and rapidly scaling course offerings and close cooperation between technical and media development teams.

We continue to rely on the technology of Open edX, whose learning environment continues to convince us. As a tech-first provider, we not only want to implement technology, but also develop it further and adapt it to our customers in order to create an optimal learning process for them.

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Customer projects:
Our satisfied customers in 2019 included the Vaillant Group, ProContent, Prestep, the E.ON Energy Research Center, Interreg and RWTH Aachen University. Among other things, we have developed various learning platforms, created online courses, supervised course offerings and market launches and worked out sales concepts. Of course, we were always available to support our customers in all technical matters and in case of queries.

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Tech development:
Developing new tools and functions globally for teachers is a constant, exciting process for us, as active members of the Open-edX community. In 2019, for example, we have been working on edXhacks.io (working title), a toolkit to add new features to the Open edX learning environment. Our mail tool increases course interactions through personalized notifications and our eCommerce solution enables direct payment in the learning environment.

In order to be able to learn offline on-the-go, we have brought the courses for iOS and Android devices into the Appstore.

The „Course Builder“ offers organizations the opportunity to create online courses themselves based on Excel and raw materials. In addition, we use a modern data pipeline to create the basis for AI and personalization in online courses.

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Our current service portfolio:
In only 90 days we make it possible to digitize existing courses within the framework of our total package (project, agency and service) and to accompany them continuously. Our service portfolio ranges from an initial consultation to the development and personalization of learning content and ongoing technical and user support. Individual service components to support existing offers can also be booked individually.

Polarstern Education Originals:
We are especially proud of our in-house originals, on which we were able to continue our work this year. The online academy „QuantAcademy“ will be further expanded in 2020. A course offering on the topic of „third-party funding management“ is already available on the German market.

We would like to thank our customers and our team for a successful year 2019. At the same time, the Polarstern Education Team wishes you a healthy and successful start into the new year.